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We opened in 2009 after months searching for the perfect location, and spent 3 months converting the guest house into our pizzeria kitchen, home to our 10,000lb wood burning oven imported from Italy.

Our 100 year-old brick cottage is adjacent to a garden patio which regularly makes the “Denver’s Best” list, and has become an oasis for folks to gather and enjoy life with a truly unique experience.

Our pizzas are made in the most antiquated, inefficient and outdated way, using no mechanical processes. Everything is handmade, and our chefs hand mix over 50lbs of fresh dough twice a day.


Patrick is a popular icon in the Old Pearl Street neighborhood where he has three award-winning restaurants, and a fourth in the Tennyson District. Loved by employees because of his caring nature, he humbly credits all his success to others.

Patrick can always be found buzzing between his restaurants interacting on every level, and is quite proud of the devotion and commitment from his people. If you ever get the chance to meet him, you’ll become one of the many who say… “I know Patrick!”

Beyond his passion for authentic food, Patrick is also a chef, sommelier, professional fly fishing guide, licensed falconer, mushroom hunter, dog lover, devoted husband and proud father. His joy for life is evident by his constant laughter and endless positive energy.