Wednesday & Thursday – Closed

Friday – 11:30am to 10pm

After cooking all week for family, come see us on Friday and let us cook for you on Friday!

From all of us at KAOS PIZZERIA to all of our neighbors, customers and friends, have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


Dan S.

…in town, and wanted a good pizza delivered. We no longer have to worry who our “go-to” local pizzeria will be. [Yelp]

Alison R.

…favor and go to Kaos, order a couple of Glider ciders, an arugula salad and a large smokestack pizza. You’ll be glad. [Yelp]

Hernan C.

…us all about the local brews. Awesome pizza, I had lunch in their garden, location is beautiful, highly recommended. [Facebook]


…the difference with fresh ingredients and local pride. The patio rocks, wraps all around, totally dog friendly too. [Google]

Suzy T.

…on the bike it’s my favorite stop. Friendly folks, dandy and inventive eats, a deep beer list and THAT patio. [Facebook]

Gordo G.

…is yes, thank you very f*cking much. Margherita pizza = lights out. Excellent pizza delivered swiftly, with much gusto. [Yelp]

Paul S.

…this is the first pizza place we went to when we moved near Pearl Street. It’s so good we’ve gone nowhere else. [Yelp]

Sonya L.

…the crust. Crispy and thin but not too much. I keep coming back over and over and never get tired of the crust! [Yelp]

Tim T.

…get right in, yes Friday and Saturdays are busier, grab a drink and relax. Meet new friends, enjoy. Thanks Kaos! [Yelp]

Max P.

…I’m concerned, Kaos has the best portobello mushroom sandwich in town, and the happy hour beer specials are sheer bliss. [Google]

Tyler S.

…pizza-hound so this is educated feedback. Freshest ingredients, most flavorful sauce, and the best crust. [Google]

Vanessa E.

…to run around the little room we were seated in, coloring all over their chalkboard painted walls. Love Kaos! [Yelp]